Student responses to the question - 'Do you think ICT helps you to learn? How?'

All students between ages 11-14

'It does help you to learn because it's more easier to understand. You get to see the words a lot so it's really in your head'

'You can compete against others...the more you learn the more points you get - I'm second at the moment, I'm going to spend a whole day in the holidays just so I can beat John Black' (referring to Language Perfect)

'You know straight away if you are right, you don't have to wait for the teacher'

'It's good because I don't have other noises distracting me'

'It's one on one'

'It's fun'

'It helps reinforce all the lessons you have learnt in class'

'Now and then I go on and the next day I remember them (Japanese words) better'

'Yes because I haven't seen my waka before and I am going online to see it'

'I can learn more from home'

'The sound files helped with can hear the more fluent speakers pronounce different words'

At the beginning of the year I was struggling, I went on the basic lists (Language Perfect) it taught me not just to read it but to say it and I feel I have the basics now. I probably wouldn't if it was just a written list to learn I'd go "oh no not another book" but now I do it in my spare time'