A glog is a digital poster that can contain images, videos and sound.
In languages this can be done to share with others e.g. native speakers or learners from other schools.
Note - accents are only available in one font. If you choose Arial (with the brackets and 4 squares behind it) you will be able to cut and paste from a word document.

Click on these links to see real student examples. Scroll down for different levels and languages:

Year 11 French: The following French examples were done as part of a school wiki created to share during a school trip to France. All students in the class created a personal profile.

Kristy Lagarto

Year 9 Spanish: Self introductions

Year 10 French Tauhara College Taupo. Teacher - Shelley Kirkwood.
These were submitted as an entry to an I love French competition

Jack and Zak
Micaela Nicole and Natasha

Year 7 Japanese Taupo Intermediate - teacher Tracy Macrae
These glogs were personal posters showing the Japanese they had learnt so far

Jayde Hemi-Allan
Eros Tredicucci